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Eliminate odors

Destroys the particles that cause bad odor, does not disguise the bad odor but decomposes and destroys them, with Eipo3 we manage to destroy pathogens in the air, thus achieving a healthy environment free of any infection, tobacco odors, humidity, dirty water , etc.

Eliminates fumes and gases

Elimination of fumes and gases, especially in car lifts and elevators installed in industries capable of storing smoke and gas inside, by means of the ozonolysis process, the Eipo3 is capable of eliminating smoke effectively and safely.

Eliminates chemical agents

Every day artificial chemical agents are used in elevators and that users can have some sensitivity apart from how harmful it is to breathe them, wherever the installed device is, the elimination of these chemical agents is guaranteed.

Neutralizes spores and dust

The Eipo3 with its ozonating power disinfects allergen compounds from pollen that cause allergies and asthma, negative ions adhere to pollen particles as well as dust, makes them heavier and fall to the ground, the air in the cabins remains clean and healthy.

Provides negative ions

Negative ions have tremendously positive effects on health and well-being, also called air vitamins. They are formed in nature in the rain, wind and positive effects of solar radiation, which are found in high concentrations at the seaside. Eipo3 contributes negative ions and among others improves mood, has antimicrobial effects, improves serotonin levels, improves mood, antidepressant, helps fight against positive ions that are harmful to health, etc.

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